Social media users go mad for detail in NZ PM's baby photo

Female politicians are used to being scrutinised not only on their policies, but also on their wardrobes.

But it was a detail of a prime minister’s partner’s outfit that got social media users talking on the weekend.

When New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern met the media outside Auckland City Hospital on Sunday to present her newborn baby girl, Neve, the cameras started clicking.

But the focus wasn’t just on the smiling mum and her adorable bub.

It was the father, TV presenter and now stay-at-home dad Clarke Gayford, who had the Twitterverse chatting.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, right, with her partner Clarke Gayford, outside Auckland City Hospital on Sunday. Source: AAP

For the photo opportunity, Mr Gayford sported a fetching “dad cardigan”, a grey button-up number with a black Aztec pattern over a white T-shirt.

Ms Ardern had already made reference to the cardigan on Facebook, posting: “Clarke’s got his dad cardie on, which means we’re ready to go … there’s nothing wrong with that dad cardie.”

Far from criticising his choice as daggy, most social media users applauded the comfy-looking cardigan.

“Can we all take a moment to reflect on Clarke Gayford’s fantastic dad cardi,” one Twitter user wrote.

“That scene is every superhero origin movie where the main character solemnly dons their superhero costume for the first time, except it’s Clarke Gayford donning his dad cardie,” wrote another.

Asked where the cardigan was from, Mr Gayford couldn’t remember, but his partner could – with Ms Ardern telling the media pack it was from “Sallies [Salvation Army] I think. A real find anyway, just waiting for this moment.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford with baby Neve. Source: AAP

And it wasn’t just the fact that Mr Gayford had a dad cardigan on that pleased the punters.

The fact that it was from an op-shop – symbolising the couple’s down-to-earth approach to dressing – that won points with the public, too.