Single mother receives heartbreaking call while dropping kids at school

A mother has received a heartbreaking phone call from her neighbour while dropping her kids at school on Monday morning.

The mother of five realised she had no home to return to after she was told her home in Greenwith, in Adelaide’s northeast, had been ravaged by a fire.

“Got a phone call from my neighbour saying that my house was on fire,” Amy Searles said.

“I knew nobody was home, because everybody was already at work and school, so I was worried about my two border collies that were in my backyard.”

At the height of the drama, hero neighbours rescued pet dogs from the backyard and also feared a child was trapped inside as huge flames tore through the roof.

The mother’s home in Greenwith was ravaged by a fire on Monday morning. Source: 7 News

Luckily nobody was home.

“The house just exploded, erupted into flame,” a witness said.

Neighbours armed with garden hoses did what they could, but the flames were just too fierce.

Others made frantic calls to Triple-0 and firefighters could be heard racing to the scene.

After hearing the family’s pet dogs barking in distress, hero neighbours Tyler Pope and Simon Leyland leapt into action.

Amy Searles found out she lost everything after a neighbour called her. Source: 7 News

“I couldn’t get around the side gate, so we jumped on the neighbour’s roof and saw there were two dogs out the back so I passed them to the other guy and he passed them over the fence,” Mr Pope said.

Mr Leyland made sure the dogs were away from the smoke and gave them some water.

“They were just happy to see us I think,” he said.

Thankfully Ms Searles is insured and she and her five children will stay with relatives for now.

She said however she had no idea where they would live in the long-term.

“I might’ve lost everything, but as long as my children and my two border collies are safe, everything else can be replaced,” she said.

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