'Sick behaviour': Disgust after man drinks bourbon from fish

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Video posted to TikTok of a man drinking bourbon out of a fish has left people in utter “disgust”.

The 15-second clip, shot on the back of a boat, shows a bare chested man wrap a dead fish around a can of Woodstock Bourbon, using it like a stubby holder.

“This is called the fishy,” someone off camera with an Australian accent can be heard saying.

The man then pinches the fish’s lips, lifts it above his head and gulps down the liquid through its mouth.

Video shows a man drinking bourbon through the lips of a dead fish. Source: TikTok
Video shows a man drinking bourbon through the lips of a dead fish. Source: TikTok

There are whoops and cheers as fizzy brown liquid spills down his chest.

The video has been viewed almost 450,000 times and attracted more than 450 comments on TikTok.

While some respondents said they loved the stunt, the majority of reactions seen by Yahoo News Australia were from people who claimed to be less than impressed.

“I’m not an animal activist, but that’s just wrong,” wrote one person.

“Bit disrespectful, I took your life, now let me drink beer from you,” said someone else.

Other comments included “no class”, “gross”, “disrespectful”, “not cool” and “disgusting”.

Some viewers were concerned the man might catch a worm or a zoonotic disease and joked he might catch Covid-19.

‘Nobody would find it hilarious if that was a dead dog’

While some people may point to such behaviour as being larrikin fun, Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst said such behaviour is not in line with community expectations.

Ms Hurst told Yahoo News Australia that the scenes in the video showed a “tremendous lack of respect for animals” and questioned how people could find the death of an animal amusing.

“It speaks volumes that people get a thrill out of mocking the death of an animal,” Ms Hurst said.

“Sure the animal in that particular instance probably didn’t feel any pain, but we also need to respect that there’s sadness in death, not humour in death.

“That’s what makes this such sick behaviour. Nobody would find it hilarious if that was a dead dog, we’d find it highly disrespectful.”

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