Shocking twist after cop accused of murdering lover

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A police officer has been cleared of murdering his long-term mistress after she exposed their 10-year affair to his wife.

Instead, Timothy Brehmer, 41, will serve prison time for the manslaughter of Claire Parry, 41, who he strangled to death in a pub parking lot in Dorset, UK, on May 9, BBC reports.

Mr Brehmer had previously admitted to killing the married mum of two, but said it was an accident. He will be sentenced on Wednesday.

A trial held at Salisbury Crown Court in recent weeks heard the pair had a relationship for more than 10 years after initially becoming friends.

Jurors heard the nurse, who is married to another police officer from Dorset, became angry when she discovered the 41-year-old had a second affair with another woman, according to BBC.

Pictured left is Timothy Brehmer, 41, in his police uniform. Right is nurse Claire Parry.
Timothy Brehmer, 41, will serve prison time for the manslaughter of Claire Parry, 41. Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo/Parry family

Mr Brehmer told the court Ms Parry had messaged him “relentlessly” before they agreed to meet outside the Horns Inn.

The pair erupted into an argument after Ms Parry took the police officer’s phone and texted his wife: “I’m cheating on you”.

Mr Brehmer said he strangled his lover by accident after a “kerfuffle” occurred in his car, during which he tried to pull her out from the vehicle.

She was found lying half outside of the car with no pulse. She died the next day in hospital.

Mr Brehmer was seen hysterically crying in police body camera footage after ambulance crews arrived on the scene.

He was heard saying he was “so sorry” and asked about “what his mother is going to say”.

Footage of an inconsolable and shirtless Brehmer.
Footage of an inconsolable and shirtless Brehmer with blood and bandages on his body was captured by officers’ body-cameras. Source: Dorset Police/Solent News/Daily Mail

“She forced me to meet her, she was going to tell my wife, I was going to lose my boy,” he said.

The court heard Ms Parry began to see her lover “in a very different light” after a female police officer called Kate Rhodes confirmed she had also had an affair with Mr Brehmer in 2011.

The 41-year-old mum used a Facebook alias under the name Louisa Morgan to contact Ms Rhodes just days before her death.

The pair chatted about Mr Brehmer’s “womaniser” ways, Ms Rhodes told the court.

In a note written on her phone, Ms Parry appeared to have written a draft letter to Mr Brehmer’s wife, who is a detective on the same police force.

She called the 41-year-old dad a “man w***e” and said he had “sucked her in years ago” and made her believe they had a future together.

Pictured is Mr Brehmer's car, where Ms Parry was killed. Source: PA News/BBC
Ms Parry was found lying half outside of the car with no pulse. She died the next day in hospital. Source: PA News/BBC

“He didn’t tell me about you at first, that he was married and when I found out he told me he was going to leave,” she wrote, The Metro said.

“I have since realised I was not the only one he has weaved this story to, there are at least two more. He tells us that we are special that he has fallen in love with us.”

Ms Parry’s husband called Mr Brehmer in March after becoming suspicious of an affair, the court was told.

The widower slammed the former cop for taking the mother of his children away, calling him “the worst kind of thief”,” BBC reported.

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