'Couldn't believe it': Surprising moment after passengers left waiting for plane toilet

When queuing passengers on a US flight finally saw the vacant sign light up on the plane toilet they didn’t expect two people to exit the facility.

US Olympic beach volleyballer Stafford Slick filmed the awkward moment on a flight.

In the video a man in a red jumper steps out of the toilet.

A woman follows him out of the cubicle seconds later.

It’s not clear when or where this occurred, but Slick claims people were waiting for 10 minutes to use the bathroom on board the United Airlines flight.

A man walks out of a passenger plane bathroom before a woman walks in.
The man walks out of the bathroom (left) and a woman follows him soon afterwards before a passenger queuing walks in (right). Source: Stafford Slick via Barstool Sports

According to news.com.au, Slick believes the pair had joined the mile-high club.

“Couldn’t believe my eyes… I’ve heard the legends, but never thought I would see it in real life #milehigh #travel #nowiveseeneverything #unitedairlines,” he wrote.

The video’s no longer on Slick’s Instagram, but it’s been shared by Barstool Sports.

“I am not the one who goes in next,” one man tweeted.

Another simply tweeted: “Gross.”

Last month, a woman on board a Virgin flight from London to Vegas found a pair of lacy black underwear on her seat.

The airline apologised and an attendant removed the undies with their bare hands.

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