Thong-haul flight! Woman's 'gross' find on her Virgin plane seat

A woman travelling on a long-haul flight has encountered a disturbing item left behind by the passenger who sat in her seat on a previous flight.

Rebecca Naish, 36, was travelling from London to Las Vegas on Saturday when, on arrival at her seat, she found a used pair of black lacy underwear.

Ms Naish, from Amersham, alerted a flight attendant to the unappealing discovery, who then apologised and collected the raunchy lingerie with her bare hands, Sun Online Travel reported.

She said the man next to her on the Virgin Atlantic flight was horrified at the sight of the soiled undergarment.

Photo of a pair of underwear that were left behind on a Virgin Atlantic flight.
The pair of underwear were left behind on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Source: Twitter/Rebecca Naish

"I went to sit down and there was a black pair of lacy pants on my chair – only on a flight to Vegas would you find that,” Ms Naish told the publication.

"The man next to me was horrified. I had to wait a while to get the flight attendant’s attention as they were boarding people."

After having the foreign item removed, the woman poked fun at her awkward predicament on Twitter.

“Don’t think much of Virgin Atlantic’s new pyjama policy! Found on my seat as I boarded the Vegas flight,” she wrote to the social media site.

In response to her Tweet, the airline said it was “so sorry” the undies were on her seat.

Photo of a Virgin Atlantic flight after someone left some lacy underwear behind on their seat.
The Virgin Atlantic flight attendant grabbed the underwear with her bare hands. Source: AAP

“Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry that this was on your seat as you boarded the flight. Please make a member of the crew aware of this immediately and can I ask that you DM message us with your booking reference number please,” it wrote.

Others seemed queasy at the thought, expressing their disgust in replies to the post.

“Oh that’s so gross! Hope your flight gets better! Have a great week,” someone wrote.

“Guess mile high club was full on this flight,” another person added.

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