Shark spotted at popular dog swimming spot

A shark has been spotted at a popular swimming spot for dogs in Sydney’s inner west.

Several visitors to Rodd Park at Five Dock on Sydney Harbour noticed the shark’s fin in the water on Wednesday, just metres from several pets frolicking in the water.

Tina Brown told The Daily Telegraph her father Rod watched on as the shark came perilously close.

“A lady was there with her two Jack Russells throwing a stick for them into the water and my mum and dad were sitting there and looked at each other and said, ‘that was a shark fin’,” Ms Brown said.

The shark was spotted near the popular dog spot. Source: Google Maps

She said she queried her father’s claim but the experienced fisherman was adamant it was a shark, possibly a bull shark.

The spot comes after a spike in shark sightings in Sydney Harbour in recent weeks.

Veteran fisherman Craig McGill said the influx is the worst he has seen in three decades and he is encountering sharks on a daily basis.

Worryingly, many sightings have been at popular swimming spots.

Mr McGill has taken a series of photos in recent weeks showing fish ripped apart and a smaller shark bitten in half.

A bull shark pulled from Sydney’s waterways in 2016. Source: 7News

He has been fishing the harbour for 30 years and calls it “by far the worst I’ve ever seen”.

While local fishermen say they are seeing more and more sharks each day, the NSW Department of Primary Industries have said there is nothing in their research that suggests shark numbers have increased around the Harbour.

Mr McGill believes warm water and a large number of kingfish could be attracting more sharks.

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