'Self-aware' Tesla numberplate leaves Aussies in stitches

Western Australia is becoming known for its residents' quirky choice of number plates.

Western Australia is renowned for its striking landscape and pristine coastline — but now it's also developing a name for its residents' quirky choice of number plates, with eagle-eyed drivers seemingly spotting a hilarious new set every week.

In recent times, we've seen plates that have been unlawfully painted and drawn on, sets that you have to read upside down to discover a "naughty" hidden meaning, plates that reference Australia's quintessentially dry humour and some that take on a darker tone.

Several of these examples have been snapped in WA and now, another West Aussie motorist has left the internet in hysterics over their plate choice on their Tesla, simply opting for "Tosla".

Pictured is a blue Tesla with number plates that read 'Tosla'.
A Tesla driver's hilarious number plates have caught the attention of keen-eyed drivers in WA. Source: Reddit

Aussies crack-up at Tesla driver's number plates

"Self-aware Tesla driver spotted in Perth," the person who posted the picture wrote on social media, seemingly referring to "Tosla" being a play on the Aussie favourite "tosser".

Responding to the image, people had a lot to say.

"F**k that thing is fogly," one person joked. "I'm not sure you can actually buy a Tesla with standard plates in WA," said another.

A Kia with the number plates IH8PPL2.
This driver hates people, too. Source: Facebook

"Swap the L for another S and it makes more sense," another person, clearly clued-in on the joke said.

Earlier this month, another WA motorist snapped up a picture of a plate on a Ford Ranger ute that read "1H8EPPL". In March, Yahoo wrote about another set of plates which read "IH8PPL2". Those plates were also spotted in WA — coincidence? We'll let you decide.

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