Dad cops furious note from 'egotistical Karen' over parking choice

According to the man's partner, he had a right to be there, but that didn't stop one person penning an angry message.

After an Aussie father claimed he was targeted by an "egotistical Karen" for parking in a parent's bay while his wife was inside a shopping centre changing their baby, heated debate has erupted over the need for such spaces to begin with, and who has the right to use them.

One Western Australian mother took to social media on behalf of her "hurt" husband to question why a person felt the need to write a very pointed handwritten note, criticising her partner for parking in a space designated for parents.

The remark, clearly written in frustration, read: "Don't park here again, you selfish prick!"

It prompted the mum, who said "I never use social media for things like this", to respond and defend her partner, who parked at the Mandurah Forum, 72km south of Perth. "My husband was putting a baby gate in the boot while I was in the forum changing our seven-month-old baby," she wrote on Facebook.

The angry letter the father received at the Mandurah Forum shopping centre.
A mum has leapt to the defence of her husband, who she claimed attracted a mean-spirited note from an 'egotistical Karen', who targeted him for parking in a parent space. Source: Facebook

Heated debate erupts over parking space

"He came back into the forum looking for me [and] when we returned, someone had put this note on our windscreen. How about next time you be sure before insulting an innocent husband and father, you hero."

The note was scribbled onto a piece of cardboard and left the dad "hurt and almost feeling guilty", the mum shared, arguing that, as a parent, he had every right to be there.

The woman's post attracted almost 300 interactions, with many people agreeing with her sentiment, arguing the importance of having the facts straight before jumping to a conclusion. A number of people even went as far as to say they didn't see the need for parental parking spaces altogether.

"As a mum of just a five-year-old, I personally don’t see the need for parent spaces. They are not any bigger, just more convenient. Kids need exercise and prams have wheels, not hard to walk," a woman said.

"I personally think they should be seniors bays instead, they are less mobile and struggle to walk long distances. Give them the spots."

Another person pointed out that "it's not illegal to park in those bays" regardless of "whether you have a baby or not."

"I have a disabled sticker, yet if you see me you'd think 'why?' — but I have multiple issues and can't walk very far before my spine locks up or both my knees seize up or all together," a third said, highlighting the importance of not casting judgement based on looks alone.

"There is no law for who can park in parents with prams spaces they are just convenience but anyone can park there and use," another man wrote.

Parking spots a frequent topic of conversation

Parking spots and who has the right to use them has long been a contentious topic of debate, with discussion erupting earlier today with regard to a woman who parked in a space reserved for those with disabilities.

Sydney woman Kate Meller pictured right, and left is a white car in a parking space for people with disabilities.
Sydney woman Kate Meller was slapped with a $644 fine for parking in a spot reserved for those with disabilities. Source: TikTok / The Daily Telegraph

The Sydney woman claimed she was forced to park in the spot in an emergency, after her friend asked her to babysit while she went into labour. Though according to one disability advocate who spoke to Yahoo News Australia, the woman's excuse is just "good enough".

Late last month, a simple yet “excellent” solution to the standard car park design won over the masses on social media – and it's been pegged as a perfect alternative to the tight and tiny spaces we’re used to.

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