Number plate with 'naughty' hidden message spotted on Aussie roads

While hidden messages in licence plates have been heavily scrutinised this year, one blunt message has sparked a unique reaction among Aussie drivers.

If you've ever found yourself raging on the road, fighting the urge to scream profanities at drivers who shouldn't have been given a licence, you might relate to one West Australian whose subtle but "clever" number plates do all the work for them.

The plates were spotted earlier this week on a Kia Sportage in WA, and read: 37OHSSV. While at first glance, the characters probably mean nothing to you, but taking a closer look and flipping it upside down, a "hilarious" surprise is revealed.

As eagle-eyed Aussies on social media pointed out, the combination of numbers and letters when turned upside down spell out 'asshole' – a simple but effective message that has sent the post viral. Tens of thousands of Australians reacted to the cheeky plates, with people in hysterics over the "brilliant" hidden message.

"Well played," a woman said. "So creative. Hats off," another wrote. "So naughty, I love it," said a third.

These cheeky number plates snapped up in WA read a**hole upside down.
These cheeky number plates snapped up in WA have gone viral over their hidden meaning. Source: Facebook

Number plates all over the country capture the attention of Aussies

The find is the latest in a string of number plates that have captured the attention of Australians in recent weeks, though most of those were in breach of a road offence. It is unclear if the hidden message in WA was detected by authorities when issued. Yahoo News Australia has contacted the state's Department of Transport to see if the plates pictured pass their standards, which prohibit offensive plates.

These plates spell out can't be f***ked.
Number plates are popping up all over the country leaving Aussies in hysterics. Source: Supplied

Global headlines were made last month when antisemitic plates were spotted in Sydney, appearing to reference the date of a brutal massacre. A few years ago in Victoria, a wannabe "criminal mastermind" was caught out by police after they spotted his suspicious-looking number plate.

These plates spell out 'I hate people, too'
This driver hates people, too. Source: Facebook

A Yahoo reader recently sent us a set of relatable plates which read: "CBF-247" — ostensibly alluding to the quintessentially Aussie phrase "can't be f***ed". Another set, that may also resonate with some, were recently spotted that read: "IH8PPL2".

Last week, a number plate altered with paint in South Australia caught the attention of authorities, warning people that modifying them can result in serious penalties. Meanwhile a few months ago, a driver was caught sporting not one, but two plates in a bizarre scene snapped on a Sydney road.

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