Ute driver caught in licence plate stunt that could end in $800 fine

A motorist driving behind the ute on a Sydney road snapped a damning picture of the alleged offence.

An Aussie driver caught sporting two number plates could attract a hefty fine of almost $800 and the loss of three demerit points.

The Sydney motorist, driving a Toyota ute, was snapped up earlier today cruising along a road with one number plate slapped on top of a second. A yellow plate can be seen placed over a white one, seemingly in an attempt to cover it, with the latter dangling, half fallen off.

While some Aussies were quick to share theories as to why the driver decided to "chuck their other plates on it hoping no one will notice", if they're caught by police or highway patrol, the act could attract a whopping fine of $772 and the loss of three demerit points.

A ute driving on an Australian road with two number plates.
The driver could attract a hefty fine, if caught. Source: Reddit

Road act could attract hefty fine, loss of three demerits

According to the NSW Government when it comes to number plate offences, vehicles without correctly fixed plates, that are obscured, defaced or illegible, could cop the fine. Vehicles with plates that are "unauthorised" could also be in for a grilling from authorities.

Online, people speculated over reason behind the driver's stunt — though the motive is unclear.

"So old mate's rego expired and instead of parking the car and renewing it, they've chucked their other plates on it hoping no one will notice," a person hypothesised. "I am fairly certain the cops [will] pick up on this as they'll notice the description doesn't match the car."

A NSW Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the driver would be facing "potentially multiple offences here.

Driver faces 'a world of hurt'

Other Aussies pointed out that it wouldn't be long before the act was caught out. "Highway patrol cars (HWP) are fitted with scanners, that can check something like 10 cars a second or something crazy like that. It probably won't be long before this driver comes to the attention of an attentive HWP officer and then he's in for a world of hurt fine and points wise," wrote another person.

"That would instantly get picked up by a passing HWP as their cars constantly scan plates as they drive. People who try stuff like this are just stupid," a third said.

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