Aussies amused after road error leaves driver's car 'forever illegally parked'

A local said they had seen signs in the area warning residents about repainting markings.

Aussies are in hysterics over a “hilarious” road blunder that has left a car “forever illegally parked”.

A photo of the Hyundai shows it parked on the side of a street in New Farm, Brisbane, with its front wheels partially blocking a storm drain. A recently-painted yellow line can be seen leading up to the car’s front bumper, which has also been splashed with the bright paint.

The black Hyundai with yellow paint on is bumper parked on the side of the Brisbane road.
The black Hyundai was left with a bright yellow reminder of recent road works in Brisbane's New Farm. Source: Facebook

Driver's car 'is the yellow line'

Reddit users “couldn’t help but laugh” at the driver’s “unfortunate” new decal after the image was posted on Wednesday morning. “Technically they’re not on the yellow line. They are the yellow line,” one person joked. “Taking the yellow line with him,” another person said, as another simply wrote “what a tragedy hahaha”.

Despite some theories, a local who said they often park in the suburb explained they had “seen signs before saying not to park in the area due to repainting markings”.

Locals share similar parking errors

Another neighbourhood resident said they had experienced a similar incident. “They painted around my wheel and returned several weeks later when I wasn’t there to complete it. Then I got a ticket for parking on it,” they said.

In 2018, a woman said the Brisbane City Council fined her for parking illegally next to a freshly-painted yellow line, but claimed it had been painted after she parked her car.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Brisbane City Council about their practice of painting road markings.

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