$349 fine threatens any driver who parks here

It may be tempting to quickly park near a kerb with a continual yellow line when you're in a rush, but it could in fact cost you a hefty fine.

While it can be easy to forget what these markings mean, stopping in those areas is in fact against the law.

Considered to be an alternative to a no stopping sign, the single yellow line rule catches many drivers out across Australia with substantial fines lurking around the corner. So why are so many people caught out by this rule?

Young woman reverse parking as a man instructs her. Source: Getty Images
It's vital to be wary of the markings near the kerb whenever you are parking. Source: Getty Images

Don’t wait for a reaction

Some people may not be aware of this but a single continuous yellow line along the road is a direct indicator that drivers must not stop in that zone at any time.

The rule is classified as part of the Australian Road Rules and this particular section, Rule 169, is something that has been transitioned into all state laws across Australia.

Authorities introduced the line back in the late 1990s as a way to prevent no parking signs cluttering streets across many Australian towns and cities.

These lines are now found across urban areas to prevent congestion in city CBDs, allow access to emergency areas and provide safe access to essential buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Treading a fine line

With solid lines found so frequently on Australian roads, you won’t be surprised to learn that the police will hand out immediate fines to anyone caught stopped in these areas.

Hand taking parking ticket.
Single yellow solid lines represents a no stopping area at all times. Source: Getty Images

The authorities take things one step further in New South Wales as they can issue drivers with two demerit points to their licence on top of a maximum fine of $349.

Elsewhere in Australia, drivers won’t be hit with points on their licence but they can still cop a significant financial hit if they aren’t careful. Some of the fines include:

VIC: Anyone caught in Victoria parking on a single continuous line will land themselves a fine of $109 from the local authorities.

QLD: Drivers in Queensland need to be aware of their common law as police will issue a fine based on the penalty unit system. This particular offence is punished with a fine of two penalty units which has an equivalent value of $275.

Yellow line next to kerb. Source: Sutherland Shire Council
If you're not wary of yellow lines you could be facing a substantial fine. Source: Sutherland Shire Council

SA: South Australian drivers face a combined fine of $198 if they stop on a continuous yellow line.

WA: If someone is caught in Western Australia parked on a single yellow line, they will be fined the equivalent value of one penalty unit which is currently worth $50.

TAS: Tasmanian drivers need to be wary that if they are parked on a single continuous line as they could be issued with a fine of $130.

ACT: Like their close counterparts in NSW, the authorities in the ACT issue harsh fines as drivers can be punished with a fine of $280 for parking in areas with a single yellow line.

NT: In the Northern Territory, parking on a single yellow line is classed as a general offence meaning drivers will be given a fine of one penalty unit or $157.

With no direct reminders alerting drivers about the rules surrounding single yellow lines, it is always a good idea to be aware of what different markings mean on the road.

By doing this, you can avoid getting unwanted attention from the cops and ensure you aren’t caught making an illegal move even if you aren’t quite aware of it.

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