Detail in uniquely Aussie number plate leaves motorists in stitches

You don't have to travel far to stumble across a set of entertaining number plates on our roads, as Aussies keep pointing out.

You don't have to travel far to stumble across an eyebrow-raising number plate in Australia, with drivers spotting hilarious, quirky and even illegal sets on roads all around the country.

Such was the case in WA last month, where one motorist snapped up a picture of a plate on a Ford Ranger ute that read "1H8EPPL" — and honestly, can you blame them? People in the comments appeared not to.

"Me too mate, me too," one woman said in response. "Love 'em, well said," another wrote. "I need these," said a man. "Preach, bro," another man said.

In this image a number plate that reads 1H8EPPL.
A set of number plates in WA have garnered attention online over their hilarious message. Source: Facebook

String of humorous number plates on Aussie roads

In recent times, we've seen plates that have been unlawfully painted or drawn on, sets that you have to read upside down to discover the "naughty" hidden meaning, plates that reference Australia's quintessential dry humour and some that take a darker tone.

According to the government, when it comes to number plate offences, drivers caught without correctly fixed plates, sets that are obscured, defaced or illegible, could cop a huge fine, loss of demerit points or even jail time.

In this image a number plate that reads
This driver hates people, too. Source: Facebook

While authorities have issued stern warnings to Aussie drivers over the tampering with, or modifying of number plates, sometimes some emerge that are simply good for a big ol' laugh.

In March, Yahoo News wrote about another said of plates which read "IH8PPL2". Those plates were also spotted in WA — coincidence? We'll let you decide.

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