'See I ain't scary': Salim Mehajer shares video pretending to scare estranged wife days after AVO

Former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has posted a video of himself pretending to scare his estranged wife Aysha, just days after an AVO banned him from contacting her.

Mr Mehajer agreed to the AVO conditions in the Sydney Downing Centre last week, including provisions that he will not harass, assault, stalk or menace Aysha, who was listed on the application under her maiden name Learmonth.

Salim Mehajer and his wife Aysha.

The controversial councillor agreed not to go within 50 metres of his wife in accordance with an apprehended violence order.

The order means the couple will not be allowed to be together on their first wedding anniversary on August 15.

The matter will return to court on August 17, when a hearing date will likely be set.

At midnight on Sunday, Mr Mehajer posted what appears to be a Snapchat video to his Facebook page along with the caption: "See I ain't scary or intimidating."

Salim Mehajer and wife Aysha. Source: 7News

In the video, Mr Mehajer stands by the elevator door waiting for it to open, to scare his estranged wife.

Instead, Mrs Mehajer doesn't seem fazed and tells him: "You're not scary."

Aysha Mehajer tells her husband,

The video comes just hours after he launched his own Instagram account.

The couple previously had a joint social media account, but the page was taken down in recent months.

The first photo the controversial mayor uploaded was of him sitting alone on a white Rolls Royce with the caption: "Expect nothing from no one."

A few hours later, Mr Mehajer posted a months old photo of him and his estranged wife, alongside the words: "She is my autobiography."

Salim Mehajer is pictured with his white Rolls Royce with the caption:

This same photo was posted to his Facebook account in March.

The pair were married less than a year ago when their 'wedding of the century' shut down a Lidcombe street in western Sydney.

Mr Mehaer has since confirmed he and his wife were no longer living together in their mansion, but they continue to see each other "every day".

"Only death will do us apart," he said of the marriage.

The couple had a joint account but it was deleted a few months ago. Photo: Instagram
Salim Mehajer and wife Aysha. Source: Facebook

The controversial former mayor denied the AVO was taken out by his wife, and told media it came about from "alleged complaints from neighbours".

He claimed their separation was a result of a reality TV show being in the works.

"Aysha and I are casting and preparing to be part of a TV series," Mr Mehajer told The Daily Mail Australia.

"She is currently in audition. At the moment we cannot disclose the show (or) series name."