ALDI customer blasts popular item over horror injuries: 'Second-degree sunburn'

'DO NOT BUY' say disgruntled shoppers after suffering skin damage.

Customers are calling on ALDI to recall its popular sunscreen brand after several claim they were left with severe sunburn after using it.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, one woman - who asked not to be named - said she required medical attention after using ALDI's Ombra 50+ SPF Ultra sunscreen.

"I went kayaking with my partner and applied ALDI sunscreen beforehand. I got very sunburnt which my doctor said was second-degree sunburn," she said. "I also had blisters all over my legs which got infected. My feet were so swollen I couldn't walk."

Sunburnt legs of ALDI sunscreen user
One woman's experience with the ALDI's Ombra sunscreen left her with second-degree sunburn and infected blisters. Source: Supplied

"I did not reapply - this was my mistake. However, I used Mecca Cosmetica brand sunscreen on my face, arms and neck [which I] also did not reapply but did not get sunburnt," the woman said, adding that her partner was also badly burnt after using the same ALDI sunscreen, but not as bad.

'There's something wrong'

The Ombra 50+ sunscreen label states it is water resistant for four hours and offers "very high protection" from both Ultraviolet A rays, which cause ageing skin, and Ultraviolet B rays, which cause the skin to burn.

Leanne, a second disgruntled ALDI customer, told Yahoo News her family was also left "extremely" sunburnt after using the same ALDI-branded sunscreen. "I can definitely tell you there is something wrong," Leanne said after using the sunscreen several times.

She claims her husband was first burnt after using it while fishing and again while paddle boarding. "The second time hubby and my two children went paddle boarding and applied it 20 minutes prior. It was not reapplied as they were off the water after two hours but all three of my family were extremely burnt like never before," Leanne said.

Aldi Sunscreen sunburn
Despite applying the 50+ sunscreen this woman was left with severe sunburn that required medical attention. Source: Supplied.

"I actually thought no one had used sunscreen at all," she continued. "Both incidents were using the new ALDI sunscreen we purchased last year. I have never had this happen and I have been using the ALDI sunscreen for years."

Leanne, whose family regularly spends time outdoors, said the sunscreen was a brand-new bottle that hadn't expired. Her family has since changed brands and has "not had a problem" since.

Both customers have contacted ALDI about their experiences.

Ongoing complaints

The sunscreen brand has dozens of scathing one-star reviews online dating back as far as four years ago, with shoppers saying it's "not effective at all".

"I don't know how this can even be approved for sale," one online reviewer wrote after her family used the product according to label instructions and were still sunburnt. "This should have provided at least some protection but they might as well have not applied it. DO NOT BUY! Recall this product immediately," she added.

Sunburn; ALDI sunscreen
Online reviewer Michelle warned others not to buy the Ombra brand sunscreen after her bad experience with the 50+ sunscreen. Source: Product Review

ALDI responds to backlash

An ALDI spokesperson told Yahoo News they would investigate the complaints they've received. "We are always concerned to hear if a customer has experienced issues with our products and we will investigate any complaints submitted via our online help centre," the spokesperson said.

"ALDI Ombra sunscreens are extensively tested to ensure they meet best practice, safety and industry standards before they become available to customers. They are regulated by the Therapeutic Good Administration Australia (TGA) and ALDI adheres to all their requirements," the spokesperson confirmed.

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