Chaotic scenes over $3.50 Aldi Special Buy: ‘World’s gone mad’

Violent scenes have broken out in Aldi stores across the UK as adults and children went head-to-head over a popular sports drink created by two Youtube stars.

Prime Hydration has become a hot commodity since it was launched at the start of 2022 by KSI and Logan Paul, who have a combined following of 30 million on YouTube. The drink, which is made up of coconut water, BCAAs, antioxidants and electrolytes is normally sold for about $45 a bottle, but Aldi mixed things up when it suddenly dropped the price tag to $3.50 for British shoppers.

The Special Buys promotion has caused chaos up and down the country as desperate customers fought off one another to get their hands on the beverage, which is not available to buy in Australia. Footage exposed shocking scenes of massive queues and aggressive shoppers all hoping to pick up a bargain.

Shoppers run for the product inside an Aldi store (left) and the drink on a shelf (right).
TikTokers claim the Prime Hydration drink sold out within minutes at Aldi stores across the UK. Source: TikTok

From queueing for toilet paper to Prime Hydration

One video on TikTok reveals hundreds of people lining up outside an Aldi store before the vision cuts to children rushing towards a stand full of the product, grabbing as many bottles as they can.

“So Aldi stocked Prime today for the first time and here is how it went,” the caption reads. “Sold out in under five minutes.”

The clip continues to show adults leaning over children to pick up the drink before cutting to dozens of bottles laid out on the check out conveyor belt.

“Same in my local, Aldi ran out in less than two minutes,” one disappointed shopper wrote, while another was quick to show off his victory. “I got eight bottles,” he boasted.

Others condemned the supermarket for selling out so quickly.

“This is so bad, I blame Aldi for letting customers get greedy,” someone said.

While many slammed the viral craze over a drink as “sad”.

“The world’s gone mad,” one person wrote. “It really is pathetic and embarrassing,” another said.

“It’s gone from queuing for toilet paper back in 2020 to now queueing for Prime,” someone else laughed.

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