ALDI shoppers divided over detail in store photo: 'Hard pass'

The roll-out of new technology is receiving a decidedly mixed reaction.

A photo from inside an ALDI supermarket in Victoria has divided opinion among shoppers. The image, shared on Reddit, shows a new self-serve checkout at ALDI's Carnegie supermarket, one of a select number of Australian stores to introduce the technology.

The widely debated move to self service has some ALDI shoppers raging, with a number of users passionately declaring their preference for face-to-face interaction with cashiers.

"F**k self-service, nothing could be slower than fighting those damn machines," one commenter responded. "I refuse to use self-serve. I go to people not machines! More people should refuse to use these things!" wrote a second. "What? Hard pass," a third quipped.

Aldi self-serve checkouts
Aldi shoppers are deeply divided over the introduction of self-serve checkouts to the chain's Australian stores. Source: Reddit/devsdevs12

Too loud?

Some shoppers who had previously used ALDI self-service checkouts pointed out problems with the machines, complaining that they're too loud and don't allow enough time before alerting the user to bag an item after it's scanned.

"I love self-checkouts, but the ALDI ones are LOUD, and I don't need to immediately be told to bag every. f**king. item. If they don't offer a volume control, I'm going back to real-human checkouts," commented one customer. "They're loud and they give you no time to act before they bark out the instruction," someone else agreed.

'More convenient'

On the other hand, many ALDI customers welcomed the introduction of self-serve checkouts, saying they would make shopping for just a few items easier and faster.

"Love ALDI, my only beef is that I go for a few items and usually I'm stuck behind people doing their weekly shop," commented one fan of the new technology. "In the same boat," someone responded, "this makes dropping in for a couple of lunch items while at work so much more convenient."

Several customers joked that they'd prefer to use self service than have their groceries thrown at them by ALDI checkout operators who are known for scanning items at break-neck speed. "Bring it on, I always get so nervous trying to pack as they fling my groceries at 75km/hr towards me and my trolley," wrote one shopper.

Way of the future

An ALDI Spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that rolling out self-serve checkouts is a business decision made in line with their low-cost model so they can consistently provide high-quality groceries at the lowest prices.

"Self-serve checkouts are a quick and convenient way for customers to shop. They also drive business efficiencies, freeing up employees to focus on customer service, stock replenishment and store presentation."

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