ScoMo's prediction for the months ahead as lockdown eases

Scott Morrison has revealed Australia will get “as close as we possibly can” to normal in “a couple of months” as the nation eagerly awaits decisions on easing restrictions in Friday’s National Cabinet meeting.

The prime minister said it wouldn’t be possible to “fully” return to normal life until a vaccine is found but told’s political editor Samantha Maiden in a Facebook Live interview that he was eager to get the economy open again and reassured people the government was now prepared to handle resulting outbreaks as restrictions are rolled back.

“You’re going to see changes happen gradually. They’re not all going to happen at once. And they’ll continue to happen over the weeks and months ahead,” he said.

“But we want to get as close as we possibly can. That will take a couple of months, to get back to that position.”

Pictured is Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressing reporters in Canberra.
Scott Morrison has suggested most restrictions will be lifted in a couple of months. Source: AAP

Mr Morrison refrained from detailing the restrictions which are set to come under consideration on Friday, and reminded Australians the final decision lies with state premiers and chief ministers.

“Well, I don’t want to prejudge any of those decisions that the premiers will make on Friday. And of course, every one of the states is in charge of what happens in their own states, ultimately,” he said.

The federal government, as it has done in the preceding weeks, will outline its baselines for state and territory leaders to consider and follow.

Mr Morrison has continuously stressed each state and territory government can act on their own accord in terms of restrictions and move ahead of the baseline, seen for example by NSW Premier Gladys Berejkilian who moved ahead of the baselines and introduced a two-adult visitor rule for households last week.

And there are also no obligations to ease restrictions, with all eyes expected to be on Victoria come Friday, with the state’s premier, Daniel Andrews, notably the most cautious of leaders in terms of rolling back current measures.

Speculation is rife over what measures will be, with the federal government and its health officers keeping their cards closely to their chests.

Yet there have been notable hints, and on Sunday, Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy told reporters gathering limits and recreational and competitive sport were to be considered on Friday.

Pictured are people running and riding bikes in front of a sign warning about social distancing in Sydney.
It is yet to be seen if states and territories follow the baseline guidelines outlined by the National Cabinet. Source: Getty

It is believed Mr Morrison is considering allowing gathering restrictions to be eased to 10 people at home.

Likewise, principles for group working were developed by the National Cabinet late last month with a view to get Australians back to work.

There is also much anticipation over a decision for the decimated hospitality industry, with a timeline on when pubs and restaurants can reopen possible.

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