Scary moment as family bicker while handling deadly snake: 'Typical Aussie drama'

The Aussie family bicker as they try to help a deadly tiger snake.

Footage of a woman who was centimetres away from being bitten by a highly venomous snake has humoured thousands of people online.

In what can only be described as a truly chaotic Aussie scene, a video has surfaced of a father and daughter bickering while she attempts to remove a tick from her dad's beloved pet, which just so happens to be a tiger snake — one of Australia's most venomous natives.

The father and daughter removing ticks from a tiger snake.
The snake was centimetres away from biting the woman on her hand. Source: TikTok/ebbs1987

The man, who is a registered snake catcher and handler, appears to have asked his begrudgingly complicit daughter to help him with the task while his other daughter watched on and filmed the interaction for TikTok.

Removing ticks from a tiger snake

The duo are standing at the corner of an outdoor table, with the man holding down the snake at the base of its head as the woman holds tweezers in her hand in search for ticks to remove.

"That's quite a big one there," she announced, sporting an Akubra-like hat.

As she begins to retrieve the tick, the snake swiftly turns and widens its jaws in her direction, with only her father's hand stopping the snake from bitting her and potentially causing serious harm.

Despite almost being bitten by the tiger snake, with its venom having strongly neurotoxic qualities in the wild, her veteran father is unfazed despite her complaints.

"C'mon. I'd be crabby with you too," he remarked, while another family member off camera shared a similar sentiment.

With the woman shaking off her fright and returning back to position, the duo continue to bicker in an all too relatable family fashion while crouching over the deadly snake.

"My Dad is a registered snake catcher and handler in Tasmania and he loves them more then his own children," the video caption reads.

Those on the popular social media platform couldn't contain their delight over the "very Aussie" interaction.

"Haha this is typical Aussie drama," commented one TikTok user while another labelled the bickering scene "so chaotic and relatable".

"Hahahaha this is brilliant. Every Aussie has had an interaction like this with their Dad," another said.

One of the most venomous snakes in the world

While it's unclear if the snake was previously defanged, tiger snakes can be aggressive when confronted. With an average length of 1.2 metres, they are incredibly dangerous to humans.

With large fangs, the venom of a tiger snake can cause its prey to suffer hypotension, haemorrhages and respiratory failure.

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