'Scary but beautiful': Fishermen just inches away from shark frenzy

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Fishermen from Queensland’s Murray Island weren’t about to let a few dozen sharks get between them and their dinner.

In a Facebook live video that has since gone viral, Philomena Nona filmed sharks in a feeding frenzy in the Torres Strait Island region last Friday as brave fishermen stood just inches away trying to catch their share of the fish.

The video has amassed more than 660,000 views from social media users stunned as sharks thrashed near the shoreline to descend on a school of fish.

A shark feeding frenzy on Murray Island in Queensland.
Fisherman on Murray Island wern't deterred by the shark feeding frenzy happening right next to them. Source: Facebook/Philomena Nona

The fishermen didn't seem deterred by the sharks and continued to reeling in fish, with some of the braver men wading further into the shallows.

There were so many fish the sharks barely had to move to get their feed, while the fisherman went back catch after catch filling up their nets.

Social media users identified the sharks as nurse sharks or leopard sharks, both are meant to be quite harmless to humans.

"Good fishing but I wouldn’t want to swim there," one user replied.

"I've never watched anything like this before, beautiful but scary," another wrote.

A few people asked if this was a normal day of fishing on Murray Island.

"Is that usual shark behaviour? Do they usually come in a feed like this?"

"Yes only in Murray Island," a local replied. 

A few joked the fisherman should have caught some of the sharks for dinner, but most viewers were happy to sit back and watch.

"Oh wow I would have loved to of witnessed this," one person wrote.

"I think this is how life is supposed to be... City life is for mugs," another said.

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