Savvy Coles shopper shares 'amazing' 10 cent milk hack

A savvy shopper has revealed her clever milk hack to extend the life of the dairy staple after she scored 28 litres for only $1.40 from Coles.

The Perth woman shared her brilliant money-saving hack on popular Facebook group, Retail Reductions Australia, where she revealed that she snagged 14 bottles of two-litre Lite Reduced Fat Milk for only 10 cents each.

The milk, which was purchased just one day before the use-by date, had been marked down from $2.39 to 10 cents – which is a saving of over 95 per cent.

The crafty customer explained that she shared the haul with her brother and froze the rest for herself and her aged care clients.

Coles milk with 10c price tag. Source: Facebook
The savvy shopper shared her milk hack for scoring 28 litres for $1.40 at Coles. Source: Facebook

“I have four freezers but most I buy is for me and my aged care clients – every little helps,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

Unsurprisingly, the revelation shocked many shoppers in the comments, who were not aware that you could freeze cartons of milk.

“I never knew you could freeze milk [...] I always bypass reduced milk as I think I wouldn’t be able to use that much before it went off,” wrote one perplexed commentator.

Fridge full of cartons of milk at Coles supermarket. Source: Getty Images
The revelation shocked many shoppers in the comments, who were unaware you could freeze milk. Source: Getty Images

While another wondered whether you had to use the milk within one day of defrosting it.

“It's light milk so [it] will last quite a few days,” the woman responded.

Other shoppers shared their own insights, pointing out that the seal on milk cartons ensure it will remains fresher for longer and usually lasts several days after the use-by date.

“Don't ever believe the use-by dates on milk really [...] But by freezing it you nearly reset it to start again with the use-by time. You are chilling off bacteria in the freezer,” explained one woman.


How to freeze and defrost milk

Several shoppers took to the comments to question the ins and outs of freezing milk and how to defrost it when you’re ready to drink it.

“May I please know how you use the milk after freezing please? Do you freeze in like cubes? For how long can the frozen milk be kept in the fridge or should it be used at once?” asked one shopper.

While another questioned: “When you take a bottle out of the freezer, do you only have that day to use it or [within] a couple of days?”

According to Dairy Australia, you can freeze milk for up to three months, but need to consume it once defrosted within three to four days.

“Freezing milk is an option and can be a good idea if it is about to expire. You can also freeze milk in ice cube trays to add to smoothies,” says Dairy Australia on their website.

Person pours milk into ice cube tray for freezing. Source: Getty Images
Dairy Australia say freezing milk can be a 'good idea' if it is about to expire. Source: Getty Images

Dairy Australia does emphasise that the Australian dairy industry continues to produce milk daily, so there is no need to worry about supply issues or to stockpile milk.

When it comes to freezing your milk, you’ll need to pour approximately half a cup out of your milk carton to allow for expansion, then put it in the freezer for a maximum of three months.

“When you wish to use the milk again, put the bottle or carton back in the fridge for 24 hours to defrost. There may be some separation, so shake the container vigorously to make sure it’s smooth and homogenous before using,” states Dairy Australia’s website.

‘Amazing score’: Customers excited by milk savings

Many customers shared their excitement in the comments at the woman’s impressive savings, saying it was an “amazing score”.

“OMG I have never seen milk this low. Amazing score!” said one commentator.

“I freeze milk all the time. I would have bought some of that bargain!” said a second customer.

While a third pointed out that the woman was also reducing wastage: “Saving it from landfill and money savings - double win!”

Meanwhile, for shoppers who are looking to make dairy products last longer, Dairy Australia states on their website that you can freeze hard cheeses, like parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella, and use straight from frozen.

You can also freeze fresh yoghurt for up to two months and thaw it in the refrigerator when you’re ready to consume.

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