Coles slashes prices on 125 popular items: 'Fantastic value'

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Coles has today announced a price drop on 125 grocery items as part of a campaign which celebrates the retailer’s award winning products.

Coles has been dropping prices on over 125 products since July, totalling over 600 price drops throughout 2021.

The price drops, which range from 7 per cent to 43 per cent lower than originally advertised, have been applied to a range of grocery items including fresh food, poultry, baked goods, ice cream and pet food.

Coles logo on supermarket window. Source: Getty Images
The price reductions are now live in store and online. Source: Getty Images

The announcement is part of Coles’s latest value campaign ‘Value&’, in which Coles recognises its products which have won awards, medals and accolades.

Coles’s free range RSPCA approved chicken breast, which won the 2021 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer award, is among the price drop items.

Coles 1kg Greek Style Yoghurt, which won the silver medal in the 2017 Australian Food Awards also joins the lineup of discounted groceries, alongside Coles Finest Quince Paste 100g, which won Gold in the 2021 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards.

Coles Chief Executive Commercial and Express, Greg Davis, said Coles wanted to help customers enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family.

“As we come closer to the end of the year and many Australians start planning for the entertaining season, we’ve lowered the cost of products that we know our customers love to deliver fantastic value and exceptional quality,” he said.

What products have been price dropped?

From Wednesday, Coles customers will begin noticing lowered prices on grocery, entertainment and home items, both in-store and online.

The Coles Finest Fig & Walnut Pepperberry Paste 100g boasts a significant 33 per cent saving, while the Coles Australian Lamb Shank 2 pack and 5 pack are now $13 per kg, dropped from their original price of $14.50 per kg.

Coles store vegetable section. Source: Getty Images
Several customer favourites have been included in the announced price reductions. Source: Getty Images

Peter’s Frosty Fruits 8pk have are now being advertised at $5, giving customers a 29 per cent saving, while Crazy Dragon Chicken & Ginger Dumpling 750g are now selling at an 18 per cent saving.

Other significantly reduced items include Coles Mandarin Segments in Syrup, offering a whopping 43 per cent saving, and Coles Pistachios 80g, which have been reduced to $4.20 from $4.90.

Coles Kitchen Salad Bowls, Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bar Varieties 18 pack 563g, Coles Muffins 4 pack, Coles Kitchen Potato Salad 800g and Woofin’ Good Chunks in Gravy Dog Food 400g have also received price reductions.

Just in time for spring

As Coles announces price reductions on a number of entertainment-related products, comparative recipe search data shows that consumers are keen to entertain this spring. recipe search data shows that searches for salads increased 1168 per cent this September compared to September 2020, while searches for barbecue recipes more than doubled since last year.

A woman serves her children food. Source: Coles (supplied)
Coles has announced price lowering on gourmet entertaining items, in response to increased demand. Source: Coles (supplied)

The data also showed that potato salad recipe searches have increased 110 per cent, and picnic-related recipes, including charcuterie boards and spreads, have more than tripled since September in 2020.

The search data also shows that salmon and cucumber rolls were highly sought after in October 2020, with the associated recipe grew almost 1000 fold in searches.

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