The South Australian Government has launched a new interactive campaign to help Adelaide motorists brush up on their road rules.

With hundreds of collisions on the state’s roads each day, the online refresher course aims to combat driver complacency.

It features a series of online videos and quizzes, and is designed for drivers of all ages.

Road Safety Minister Jennifer Rankine said the any complacency can cause tragedy.

“One mistake can be catastrophic, in the flick of an eye, people’s lives are changed forever,” she said.

“(It is) to make sure we’re up to date, not that we think we know the road rules, but we actually know the rules.”

Former police officer Dave Kendall has seen firsthand the tragic results of wrongdoing on the road, and now he devotes his life to training new drivers.

“Just assess your own driving and think to yourself ‘am I up to the correct standard’,” he said.

“If not, there is no shame in just getting a refresher because it may just save your’s or someone else’s life.”

He says the most common mistakes are made with merging, lingering in the right hadn lane when the speed limit is above 80km/h, and driving through an orange light.

If you would like to sharpen up your skills, take the test.

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