Roadside note to mystery woman divides opinion: Is it creepy or romantic?

A handwritten sign searching for a mystery woman with pink hair has created a stir in Sydney's inner west.

A handwritten note enquiring after an "effortlessly beautiful" woman has been spotted in Sydney's inner west, evoking opposing opinions from passers-by.

Taped to a lamppost in Marrickville, the pink paper was covered in black ink with the the writer scribbling down a description of a woman she drove past at the same location a week earlier.

It read: 'You. Pale Pink Hair. Leopard pink top. Effortlessly beautiful. Stood here approx. 7.30 pm last Friday. Me: Woman in black hatchback. Did we miss a moment??'

The roadside note was written on pink paper and is taped onto a lamppost outside a local business.
The roadside note was taped onto a lamppost at the location where the women reportedly "had a moment" as one drove past in her car. Source: Facebook / Street Bounty Inner West Sydeny

The writer concluded her public search announcement by including an email address, seemingly made specifically for the mystery woman to get in touch.

Divided opinions: 'Creepy' or 'romantic' tactic?

The sign found its way onto a community Facebook page after a passer-by uploaded a picture, sharing she hoped the two women "find each other".

Many were inclined to agree with the poster, sharing it was a "romantic" gesture in the ever increasing digital world of dating.

"This is romance at its best. I hope serendipity brings them together," one woman commented. "So much better than a text. This is how it might have been done pre mobile phones?" another questioned.

Yet others weren't so impressed, believing the decision was "creepy" and warranted a cautious approach.

"Sorry, sounds creepy to me. I hope she stays away from this shallow person," another chimed in.

Despite the contrasting comments, one question seemed to be on everyones lips — had the mystery woman spotted the sign and did she feel the same? Many urged the poster to "post updates" if they received word of any developments.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to the writer.

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