Mystery as 'the key to my heart' is returned to the wrong address

The arrival of a mysterious jewellery box containing a sentimental letter has a couple puzzled after the surprise delivery appeared in their mail.

The couple from Doonan, a suburb on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, were confused to receive the parcel, given neither of their names matched the one written on a torn up piece of paper that read, “the key to my heart”.

The letter appeared to be the product of a breakup that possibly ended on amicable terms, with its author seemingly handing back an expensive item of jewellery.

“Thought you might want this back, I couldn’t bring myself to sell it. Thank you for everything. All the best for your future,” the letter read.

A photo of the heartfelt note and a Pandora jewellery box was shared to a local community group on Facebook, an act the poster, the daughter of the woman living in the home, hoped would help find the intended recipient.

A Pandora jewellery box and two heartfelt letters that were placed in the wrong mailbox in Doonan, Queensland.
The two hand-written notes were inside the jewellery box found in a couple's mailbox near Noosa. Source: Facebook

“This was found in my letter box wanting to find the rightful owner,” she wrote, on behalf of her mother.

The couple have lived at the address for three years and both were certain the gift was not theirs to keep.

They have approached every home occupant on their street, but have yet to track down the person who was supposed to be on its receiving end.

The couple even got in touch with the real estate agent responsible for the sale of the home, but that too led to a dead-end.

Inside the white box, decorated with a dusty pink ribbon tied into a bow, is an item they hope its owner will be able to identify, so they chose to not reveal what it was.

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