Quiz highlights road design flaws troubling Australian drivers

A quiz posted on social media by the motoring body RACQ has puzzled drivers and sparked debate about how confusing road rules can make the roads even more dangerous.

RACQ followers were invited to answer the following question with an accompanying illustration:

”There are more than three road design issues which can increase the risk of crashes on this road. Tell us what you think they are!”

Almost 250 comments later, posters were still debating over what the three flaws were and not surprisingly, there were many different opinions.

“Obscured stop sign, overtaking lane has overhanging trees which would hit high vehicles, speed limit too high for short passing lane,” said one person.

“From memory if the line is solid and thick like that there doesn’t have to be a stop sign as the line means the same thing. Stop!” pointed out another poster.

Some took advantage to vent about other issues they have with driving “1: Petrol prices too high. 2: Registration costs too high. 3: The cyclist shouldn't be on that section of road.”

The questions are designed to help motorists but are leaving most more confused. Source: Getty Source

Drivers were left scratching their heads even after the RACQ revealed the answers:

“Thanks for all your replies! While there are many answers, here are our main 5 – how’d you go? -

  • Undivided road with no separation from oncoming traffic

  • Trees or other fixed objects too close to the roadside

  • Intersection with no protected right turn lane

  • Narrow lanes and unsealed shoulders

  • Speed limit high for the surrounding environment

The RACQ said this federal election it is campaigning for dedicated road safety funding to fix issues like these across Queensland.

Transport Western Australia posted what was considered to be a common scenario on their Facebook page recently, which sparked several sarcastic and hilarious comments from drivers.

While another quiz posted in February from RACQ sparked a fierce debate.

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