'Ridiculous' parking sign instruction stumps Aussies

Residents were left trying to interpret its meaning and wondering where they could park.

A seemingly contradictory parking sign has stumped motorists, leaving many unsure how to abide by its instruction.

A resident from Sydney's Northern Beaches shared a picture of the sign in question to Facebook and asked, "Can someone please explain this sign to me? I don't understand it."

The parking sign can be seen with a red circle, with a diagonal line crossing out a black P, with the words 'Motor Vehicles Expected' underneath.
The parking sign's two defining features appeared to be in contrast with one another, with motorists unsure whether or not they could park in the space. Source: Facebook/Mary Hardie

With the clearly identifiable no parking "P" symbol placed above the words "Motor Vehicles Excepted", many shared the poster's confusion and admitted they too would be unsure whether or not to park their cars in the space.

"I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in my life," one woman wrote.

While many tried to dissect the sign's meaning, others accused the poster of being a "dumdum", saying the sign was "self explanatory", prompting the resident to clarify. "I asked ten different people before I posted here and none of them knew the answer either," she wrote.

Confusing parking sign explained

After receiving a number of complaints from residents claiming boat and advertising trailers caused parking and road safety issues, Northern Beaches Council introduced the signs in 2018, effectively restricting any vehicle that doesn't have a motor from parking in these areas.

“We are getting an increasing number of complaints from residents fed up with trailers and boats taking up most of the parking next to playgrounds, parks and fields and rarely being moved,” Mayor Michael Regan said at the time. “Our new approach prevents boats and trailers from parking at all in some known problem areas," he continued.

If a trailer is connected to motor vehicle, such as a car, it can legally park in the space overlooked by one of these signs. Fines exceeding $112 can be issued to motorists who do not abide by the rule.

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