Confusion over two-hour limit on parking sign: 'Nobody understands'

The sign sparked speculation from a number of motorists.

A baffling parking sign that appears to make little sense has sparked speculation from confused drivers.

In a video posted to TikTok account @sergcarreviews, a Gold Coast man is heard questioning a particular detail on the sign. The sign states parking in the spot has a two-hour parking limit between 9am to 12 noon.

Then on a second line, it also states there is a two-hour parking limit from 12 noon to 10pm.

"Am I missing something?" the TikToker asked as he shared a video of the sign on the social media platform.

"Isn't that just 9am to 10pm?"

A number of people flocked to the comments to share their theories about what the sign could actually mean, with some saying drivers could park there for four hours.

A parking sign states a two-hour parking limit between 9am and 12 noon and 12 noon and 10pm.
TikTokers were left confused by the parking sign. Source: TikTok/@sergcarreviews

"The sign means you can park twice, up to 2 hours each between the time periods. If they didn’t have two periods, then you could only park once," one suggested.

"Four hours from 10am-2pm," another claimed.

Others said the sign was written in a way so people didn't confuse it as 9am to 10am.

"Because people a f***ing idiots and would read it as 9am-10am," one commented.

"It’s probably some law that requires the signs to include both the hours before and after 12 to avoid confusion," somebody stated.

"Probably so people don’t confuse 9am-10pm as being 9am-10am," a third added.

"They put the signs up but nobody understands them ... Don’t even try," another said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for clarification.

It comes after a sign across the road from Elwood Beach in Melbourne's south baffled motorists. The parking sign showed that a vehicle could only park in the spot for two hours between the times of 10am and 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

However, things took a confusing turn when the sign also stated it was only two-hour parking also on public holidays between November 1 and March 31st. Below the sign was another directive that said: "Permit Area 16".

Drivers also shared their theories as to what that could mean, with some suggesting motorists could park for any length of time outside of those hours while others said people with the permits were otherwise the only ones allowed in the parking spaces.

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