Aussie driver's concern over note on BMW: 'Did I cross the line?'

A Melbourne resident has had second thoughts about a note they left on a BMW parked in their car spot, questioning whether their reaction crossed a line.

The person had a pretty fair reason for being upset — the BMW driver clearly didn't care to stay in the lines when parking their car.

Judging by the photo shared to Reddit, the driver took up most of parking bay 438, and just enough of 439, which is next to a pillar, to make it impossible for another vehicle to squeeze in.

"Dear BMW user," the note left by the frustrated neighbour said, according to them.

"This time you are the a**hole, next time I'll be one."

The BMW parked across two parking spots.
The BMW was parked across two parking spots - potentially due to the car next to them being right on the line. Source: Reddit

They added they could not park in their own spot thanks to the BMW. Instead, they had to park in their neighbour's allocated bay for the time being.

The frustrated resident said they left another note on their own car, along with their phone number, just in case their neighbour came home and needed to park their car. The building manager was also notified.

"I've left my number on the note and have said that I'll be wfh [work from home] all day today so can move my car at any time I'm called unless the building manager manages to track the BMW owner and gets him to move his car," they explained on Reddit.

However, after leaving the note on the BMW, the driver who should be parked in 439 questioned whether they did the right thing.

"Did I cross the line?" they questioned on Reddit.

Eventually, the BMW owner did move their car back to their own spot.

'Domino effect' of parking spots

A few people pointed out it wasn't just the BMW who had parked in a really dodgy way.

"There are 3 cars parked like d**kheads. Tow the lot of them," one person commented online.

Someone else pointed out that the car parked next to the BMW was on the line and the yellow car in the back also seemed to be encroaching on their neighbour's spot.

Another person said that perhaps given the parking spots are so small, if one person parks badly, it creates a domino effect.

It seemed as though quite a few people had similar problems in the past and BMW drivers are not for everyone, with a few remarking that they are "the worst", with little context as to why.

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