BMW driver's calamitous mistake at Coles car park: 'OMG'

Unfortunately for one BMW driver in Sydney's north, their calamitous moment at a Coles car park has been captured on dashcam.

Entering the underground parking at the supermarket's Forestville store, the BMW driver appears to forget about their load attached to the roof of the 4WD vehicle.

The load, which appears to be several stacked plastic chairs, ploughs through the hanging bar and clips the roof, sending several bits of plastic flying off.

A BMW driver setting off the fire sprinkler with its high load at Coles at Forestville. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia
The BMW driver set off the fire sprinkler when entering the Coles car park with their high load.. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

The driver slams on the brakes, but the destruction doesn't end there.

Putting the vehicle in reverse, it then backs into a fire sprinkler located at the entrance, sending water spurting in the air and onto an adjacent wall.

A sign above the entrance clearly reads: 'Car park maximum clearance 2.0m'.

The video, believed to have been filmed last month, was shared online by Dash Cam Owners Australia, prompting a bewildered reaction from several people.

"OMG... I can't," one person said.

"The first impact was funny enough, but I almost hurt myself laughing when they tried to back out," another wrote.

While they joked they managed to get a free car wash, another said the fire department would not be impressed.

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo the incident did not disrupt the store's operations and was handled by emergency services.

It comes weeks after a Costco customer raised eyebrows with her attempt to fill up her Mercedes at the pumps.

Earlier this month, a Coles customer was seriously injured when a car ploughed into a store's entrance in Brisbane.

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