Woman ridiculed over 'painful' fail at Costco petrol station

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A Mercedes driver has been ridiculed after her laborious attempt to fill up her car was caught on dashcam.

In video shared to Dash Cam Owners Australia, the woman can be seen at a Costco petrol pump at Majura Park in Canberra on Saturday.

Attempting to fill up her vehicle, the woman opens her petrol cap which is on the opposite side to the pump.

With her A-Class edging over the dotted line, she can be seen struggling to stretch the hose to the other side. Realising she's too far away, she gets back in the car and moves closer.

The woman was mocked online – but was it justified? Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia
The woman was mocked online – but was it justified? Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

But again, the motorist struggles to get the hose to reach. After a short struggle, she finally succeeds.

"Very painful to see... omg," one person wrote.

"Oh gosh, I felt the secondhand embarrassment watching that lady," another said.

"Could not stop laughing," another person added.

However the remarks about the driver's misfortune may be somewhat unjustified, thanks to a helpful feature at Costco stations.

"To ensure efficient refuelling, our stations are fitted with long hoses so you can fill from either side of your vehicle," the chain states.

Signs at the bowser do alert drivers to the fact they can fill up from the opposite side, so the ultimate error was parking too far away.

As one user pointed out, she did little to help herself even with a longer hose.

"She couldn't be parked any further away from the bowser. Then she moved the car and still couldn't get close enough," they wrote, sounding bemused.

"Whilst they are longer and retractable, you need to park closer than she did," another wrote.

For drivers of modern vehicles, there is a helping hand from your car that tells you which side of the vehicle the fuel cap is located.

Conveniently located on or near your fuel gauge is a tiny picture of a petrol pump – and next to that pump is an arrow, pointing to the side of the car where the fuel cap is.

Why is Costco petrol so cheap?

During a period of inflation, which has been exasperated by the war in Ukraine, petrol prices have spiked in Australia and other countries.

While the Morrison government has cut the fuel excise in half to 22c a litre to help ease the financial burden on millions of Australians, prices are still high with drivers desperately searching for the cheapest fuel around.

Costco petrol stations are regularly touted as some of the cheapest out there, so why are they able to offer fuel cheaper than the rest?

Costco fuel is regularly touted as some of the cheapest across the country. Source: Costco
Costco fuel is regularly touted as some of the cheapest across the country. Source: Costco

The bulk supply retailer is famed for its membership-only system, which is an annual fee of $60 per person.

This grants customers access to the pumps, with The West Australian working out in 2020 a driver purchasing 50 litres of unleaded petrol a week at Costco can save more than $500 a year.

One feature Costco says cuts prices is customers paying directly at the pump rather than going inside for the attendant.

"This allows Costco to continually maintain low prices for our valued members," the company says.

Costco has nine fuel stations in Australia, three of which are in Sydney, two in Melbourne, two in Brisbane and one each in Canberra and Adelaide.

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