BMW driver's 'ridiculous' note after parking in reserved spot

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A Sydney resident was fuming after finding her designated parking spot taken by a BMW, with the owner promising to be back "ASAP".

The frustrated resident shared pictures of the offender's vehicle on Facebook, and also included the note which was left on the BMW.

"Apologies if this is someone's park," the note says.

"I booked visitor parking and there is no availability. Will move ASAP."

Pictured is the note left on the BMW, which stole the woman's designated parking spot.
A BMW was parked in a woman's designated parking spot and left it there for hours, despite promising to move it "ASAP". Source: Facebook

The images of the car were shared on social media on Wednesday and the woman explained the car had been in her spot since Tuesday morning.

She parked her car in front of the BMW on Tuesday night, but it was still there when she woke up the following morning.

"It is ridiculous that at least once a week I find my parking spot occupied," the woman wrote on Facebook.

She also noted that ASAP means "as soon as possible" and clearly the BMW owner was in no rush to leave.

People agreed with the woman, saying taking her spot which she pays for is 'ridiculous'.

Some even came up with a few unethical and illegal ideas to teach the BMW driver a lesson, some suggested keying the car, and someone else suggested taking the number plate for "safekeeping".

Pictured is the BMW in the parking spot.
The BMW was still in the spot the following day. Source: Facebook

Another person thought puncturing the wheels on the car would be a good idea, which was quickly refuted for being counter-productive.

"When this offender is finally ready to move their car, then four flat tyres isn't helping,"

The woman who shared the pictures with the Facebook group said building management couldn't do anything.

Tensions are often high when it comes to parking, especially in the city. In March, a Sydney mother, desperate to get her sick child inside her apartment found a nasty note left on her vehicle.

The mother had not realised she had parked in a "no parking" zone until she went to move her car the next morning and found a note threatening further consequences if she parked there again.

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