'Our own sleeping beauty': Restaurant owners shocked by discovery after break-in

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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The owners of a restaurant have made a surprising discovery after a break-in.

808 Bar & Kitchen, in Sunderland, in England’s northeast, wrote on Facebook the owners “sadly” found their business had been broken into on Sunday about 6.15am.

But one of the owners found the duo responsible for breaking in weren’t “your run-of-the mill bar burglars” but a “unique duo” after checking CCTV.

“Anything but covert, these not so stealthy culprits shunned your usual dark hooded clothing, instead opting to don fluorescent hi-vis jackets, genius or what?” the owners wrote.

“Illuminating their way through the restaurant area, the flashy pair set about grabbing whatever they could (which, unluckily for them, was not a great lot as we are currently closed).

“They stacked a cleaner’s mop bucket full to the brim with beer, cider, soft drinks and, possibly the most bizarre swipe of them all, a half eaten cheesecake slapped straight onto the top of the bucket.”

Burglars are seen breaking into 808 Bar & Kitchen, in Sunderland.
Burglars during their break-in at 808 Bar & Kitchen. Source: Facebook/ 808 Bar & Kitchen

The restaurant’s owners noted CCTV at 2am showed only one of the burglars fleeing.

“Continuing to scan the footage for the other culprit, we heard a noise from outside the office area so we proceeded to check other areas of the building,” the owners wrote.

“Making our way to the toilets, the noise continued on and on, until we opened the toilet foyer door and there he was, our very own Sleeping Beauty knocking out some zzzzzz’s and leading us to his very position thanks to some very hefty snoring.

“As if a deep sleep mid burglary wasn’t enough, we found him spooning Henry the Hoover with the cheesecake by his side... four hours after he had originally entered the building.”

A man is pictured surrounded by police sleeping in the bathroom at 808 Bar & Kitchen, in Sunderland. Also pictured is a mop bucket filled with bottled beer and a cheesecake.
One of the burglars found asleep in the bathroom. The restaurant said the pair filled a mop bucket with food. Source: Facebook/ 808 Bar & Kitchen

The owners wrote they didn’t expect to find a burglar enjoying “a cheesecake and a kip on the toilet floor”.

“All jokes aside, in situations like these it’s frustrating to think that these scumbags are breaking into people’s businesses when times are already hard enough in the current climate,” the owners wrote.

They jokingly added they will reopen their doors but there won’t be any cheesecake on the menu.

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