Restaurant issues a list of strict rules for customers with children

A US restaurant is copping heat after a sign was put up with a set of strict rules for customers with children.

Old Fisherman’s Grotto, a restaurant in Monterey, California, has become famous for a sign that reads “No strollers, no high chairs and no booster seats”,  WRCB TV reports. 

Below the list of rules is a blurb that says, “children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners and as such are not allowed in the dining room”. 

The rules have been in place since 2011 but have recently started drawing attention again after the sign was posted on Yelp.

“Best sign ever,” wrote reviewer Eric S.

This sign has caused some debate. Source: Yelp / Eric S.

Amazingly, many were in support of it.

“I support your child-free/no screaming kids policy! The irony of these self-centred parents complaining is that THEY are the reason this exists in the first place,” one person wrote.

“EVERYONE is tired of having their meal ruined by a screaming kid and apathetic, inconsiderate, indignant parents who refuse to do anything about it.”

Even some parents got behind it.

“I’m a mother of two little ones and know exactly how disruptive they can be in restaurants. I totally support this policy,” one person wrote. 

The sign is at this restaurant in the US. Source: Google Maps

However, one mum said the rules were the reason she would never go back to the restaurant.

The restaurant defended the rules and said they wouldn’t apologise for it. 

They said people without children, or those who enjoy child-free dining are all about it.