Resident leaves furious note on police car attending 'life or death' situation

Surrey Police, based southwest of London, shared a picture of the note on Facebook.

“Note! Park your police car outside. This is private parking!” the note reads.

The department wrote on Facebook that officers were responding to reports of a “distressed resident” potentially being beaten up with a child.

Officers told the person who left the note that it was an emergency situation.

Police southwest of London returned to find this note on their car by a disgruntled person. Source: Facebook/Reigate and Banstead Beat

Police claim the resident said: “I don’t care – it’s not my emergency!” 

“Another heartfelt apology to the resident in Horley who thought it would be helpful to tell us where we can and can’t park,” police wrote. 

“We apologise for our inconsiderate parking during a potentially life or death situation and we will try and be more aware next time. 

The picture has been shared more than 1000 times with many condemning the person who left the angry note.

“What a total bell end,” one man wrote. 

Others suggested the disgruntled note writer needed a visit from authorities of a different kind given the poor wording. 

“He’s clearly in need of a visit from the police… The grammar police!” another man wrote.

“Not my emergency? What a tool.”