Puppy's miraculous survival after close call with deadly predator

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A puppy has miraculously survived an almost deadly attack from an animal that is responsible for the death of thousands of dogs each year.

Wally the blue heeler nearly became the next meal for a python while outside on Tuesday evening in Caloundra West, a suburb of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The puppy quickly became defenceless against the huge carpet python, which swiftly coiled around him in an effort to suffocate and kill him, according to Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

In a post to Facebook on Wednesday morning, the snake catchers explained that Wally became dangerously close to being strangled to death.

Wally the puppy shown in two photos.
Wally the blue heeler was attacked by a carpet python on the Sunshine Coast last night. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

“The snake began the process of constricting the puppy,” the post read.

Lucky for Wally, his owners came to the rescue just in the nick of time.

“They were able to grab the carpet python and slowly uncoil it from the tail end all the way to the head,” they wrote.

In the chaos of the rescue however, the snake bit Wally’s human mum.

Carpet pythons fortunately aren’t venomous though, so the woman wasn’t seriously injured and is expected to make a full recovery.

The snake catchers revealed the same could also be said for both Wally and his hungry attacker.

“Luckily in the end the dog, the owner and the snake were fine,” they wrote.

They reminded their followers that the snake didn’t deserve to become the target of anger over its attack on Wally.

Carpet python shown partially in a snake bag.
The snake was taken away from the home after it was removed from Wally. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

“Please before you get angry at the snake just understand that the python was simply looking for food and it just so happened to stumble across Wally the small puppy dog,” they said.

“The carpet python was released back into the bush away from homes and roads.”

Photos showed Wally looking slightly worse for wear with some blood and a reserved expression on his face.

Hundreds of people expressed their shock at the incident and many praised Wally for being such a “brave boy”.

“Poor Wally. How scary for the poor wee man,” one wrote.

“Poor Wally...he looks a bit shocked by the whole saga,” another said.

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