'Broke my heart': Loyal dog waits hours at window for owner to come home

Kamilia Palu
·News Editor
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Dogs are known for being man’s best friend, but one pup has taken loyalty to new heights with an impressive and adorable display of devotion.

The black and white pooch was filmed on his owner’s security system waiting patiently from 730am until almost 6pm that evening, staring attentively out the window the entire time.

The dog, named Pi Dan or ‘Naughty’, lives in the Chinese city of Shenyang and became an internet star after a heartwarming video of his 10-hour wait went viral.

A dog sits in the window of an apartment building, waiting for its owner to come home.
The dog was filmed sitting by the window for 10 hours, waiting patiently for his owner to come home. Source: Douyin

The footage was uploaded to Chinese app Douyin, which is similar to TikTok.

As each hour ticks by, the dog remains steadfast at his post by the window.

Finally, at 5.47pm the pup races to the front door to welcome his owner home.

The dog’s owner, known only as Ms Zhang said Naughty often waits for her by the window while she is at her 9-to-5 job.

“It broke my heart seeing that footage,” Ms Zhang told the Mail Online. “But I have no other way.”

“I try my best to take him everywhere to play during weekends and holidays. I also considered keeping another dog, but I was worried that they would both wait for me. I would be even more heart-broken.”

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