Oklahoma's Newest Decision Requiring Public School Teachers To Teach From The Bible Is Going Viral, And People Are Losing Their Minds

Last week, Oklahoma's Republican-elected superintendent went viral for requiring the Bible be incorporated into lessons for all 5th–12th-grade classrooms.

Keegan-Michael Key stands in a classroom leaning on a desk, teaching a lesson on vertebrate anatomy with detailed notes on a chalkboard in a scene from a comedy skit

In a now-viral video, Superintendent Ryan Walters stated: "We will be issuing a memo today that every school district will adhere to, which is that every teacher and every classroom in the state will have a Bible in the classroom and will be teaching from the Bible in the classroom."


Walters described the Bible as a "necessary historical document" and called the separation of church and state a "myth" in a recent interview.

Here's the official memo:

Memo to Oklahoma Superintendents from Ryan Walters about implementing foundational texts in the curriculum, effective June 27, 2024

Walters has also insinuated that any teacher who refuses to follow the new requirement could have their teaching license revoked.

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Now, Walters is facing major backlash online, with many arguing that his requirement goes against a foundational principle in America: the separation between church and state.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has vowed to fight the requirement in court:


One teacher wrote that the Bible has "zero place in my 8th grade math classroom."


This user agreed, arguing that a teacher isn't "qualified" to teach the Bible.


This user called out Oklahoma's 49th place education ranking:


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