Primary school’s drastic measure to stop parents parking illegally

A fed-up school has put parents on notice and taken a drastic measure to put a stop to illegally parked vehicles.

Shelly Park Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand, said poor parking and behaviour had become a serious problem with cars regularly parking in no standing zones, over yellow lines and in clearways.

“The clearway on John Gill Road is there for the specific purpose of allowing our Road Patrollers to monitor traffic before conducting a safe crossing of the road,” Principal Brian Rolfe said in the school’s newsletter.

But rather than simply writing about it, the school has now also shared images of illegally parked cars.

Cars parking over yellow lines has been a regular problem for the primary school. Source: Shelly Park Primary School
The principal said the illegally parked cars were reducing visibility at certain locations. Source: Shelly Park Primary School.

“Concerned members of our community have already provided 5 images of cars illegally parked either after or before school,” Mr Rolfe added.

He said some of the illegally parked vehicles were putting children in danger by reducing the level of visibility at certain spots.

All images of illegally parked vehicles have been forwarded onto police for fining. Source: Shelly Park Primary School

“Look what an illegally parked vehicle does to that level of visibility. It makes the Road Patrollers job incredibly difficult.”

All images of illegally parked vehicles are then forwarded on to the New Zealand “for fining”.

More than five cars were dobbed in during the first week back at school alone.

The Shelly Park Primary School principal declined to comment.