Pregnant woman's fear as she's knocked over during bag snatch

A heavily pregnant woman says she was terrified for her unborn baby when she fell to the ground during a violent bag snatch in Sydney’s southwest on Monday night.

A man grabbed her bag while she was sitting on a train at Canley Vale station.

He took off with it and she followed, a decision she now regrets.

This young and heavily pregnant woman called the robbery “disgusting and just terrible”.

This man is wanted for questioning over a bag snatch at Canley Vale train station. Source: 7 News

On a packed peak hour train, the 23-year-old, due to give birth any day now, was targeted by this man.

As carriage doors opened at the Canley Vale station, he lunged from the platform and snatched her handbag.

“I couldn’t think,” the victim said.

“I just followed him. And I was screaming to him, like ‘hey! Stop it!'”

Now she wishes she hadn’t.

The victim says she regrets following the bag snatcher and is worried about her baby. Source: 7 News

“When I fell down I just a little bit regret I followed him, because if I have problem with my baby, I’ll feel guilty,” she said.

She was taken to Liverpool Hospital’s birthing unit for observation and later released.

“I couldn’t breathe well and I was very hurt, in pain,” she said.

After the thief got off the train, he ran onto First Avenue, then Carcoola Street and down Third Avenue, through a reserve to Prospect Road.

The man was pursued but eventually evaded onlookers. Source: 7 News

The chase lasted for around 800 metres, but onlookers lost sight of him after he broke through a fence and ran through two people’s homes to get away.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

CCTV has captured the man police are looking to speak to. Source: 7 News