Powerball: Mystery winners among three scoring $160m Division One prize

Thursday night's mega Powerball jackpot has been shared by three lucky winners who'll each claim part of the record-breaking $160 million windfall.

Each of the three division one winning entries — from NSW, Victoria and WA— will claim just over $53.3 million after taking out a division one win.

Only one of the three winners is aware of their whopping win so far - a blue-collar worker from Clyde, Victoria who bought his ticket online.

The winning NSW entry was purchased from Penrith in western Sydney but is unregistered which means the lucky winner is still unknown.

The Western Australian winning entry will be managed by Lotterywest and is so far unknown.

Winning Powerball ticket
Three people split the record-breaking $160 million Powerball jackpot. Source: The Lott

Results of Powerball draw 1380

There was $160 million up for grabs in Powerball draw 1380 after the past five draws failed to produce any division one winners.

The Lott said up to half of Australian adults were expected to buy a ticket for the mammoth draw with hopes of taking out a win.

The three division one winners scored a prize of $53,333,333.34 each.

The winning numbers were: 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 18, 34

The all important Powerball number was: 7

Among the winners were 42 division two winners who each took home a $77,258.20 prize. There was a total of 6,683,605 prizes worth more than $117 million won in divisions two through to nine.

Who won the Powerball?

The lucky Victoria man spoke with The Lott about his life-changing win.

The unassuming winner was having a quiet night at home when he received the unexpected call confirming his multi-million-dollar share of the jackpot.

"Oh my god, oh my god. I can’t believe this! I never thought I’d get this phone call. This has changed my life," he said, fighting back tears.

He declared his retirement immediately and has already planned what he'll do with the money.

"My grandson wanted a dog for Christmas and I was trying to organise it for him. He can have all the dogs in the world now!" he said.

Older couple retire after Powerball win
A Victorian man was one of the three Powerball winners and is set to retire with his $53.3 million prize. Source: The Lott

Search underway for mystery NSW winner

People who bought their tickets in the City of Penrith are being urged to check their tickets as the hunt for the mystery winner is underway.

This winning entry was not registered to a player card, which means lottery officials have no way of reaching out to the newly-minted multi-millionaire.

Instead, they must wait for the ticketholder to check their ticket and discover the life-changing news themselves.

The winning ticket was purchased at a NSW Lotteries outlet in the City of Penrith.

The Lott spokesperson James Eddy said he was eagerly waiting for the mystery Sydney Powerball winner to check their entry and make contact to start the process of claiming their prize.

"We are thrilled to see three division one winning entries share this record-breaking jackpot tonight," he said.

"Of course, we were hoping to reach out to all of our division one winners to break the incredible news, but unfortunately, we will have to wait for our New South Wales winner to come forward.

"Just imagine how more than $53 million might change your life and the lives of your closest family and friends. We can’t wait for them to discover this incredible news!"