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Powerball: Previous winners reveal how they spent their Division One windfall

With a whopping $160 million up for grabs in Thursday's record-breaking Powerball draw, those feeling lucky might already be planning how they'll spend their potential winnings.

But if you need some inspiration, previous division one winners have revealed what they splurged on, and a couple of items may surprise you.

Matt Hart from The Lott previously revealed to Yahoo News Australia the popular household item many winners can't wait to snap up after collecting their windfall.

Powerball ticket new house
Previous winners have bought houses and gone on holidays, but other items might be more surprising. Source: The Lott

"I'm always stunned how often Dyson vacuum cleaners come up. Because if you've won $20, $60 million, you could probably buy a few Dyson vacuum cleaners," he said.

The Lott spokesperson James Eddy said one recent winner "couldn’t wait to grab a Dyson vacuum cleaner", while another treated themselves to a shiny new pair of R.M. Williams boots — which usually retail for over $600.

Fancy cars, extravagant holidays and new family homes certainly made the list for some who were lucky enough to walk away with life-changing prize money.

"Many winners tell us how some of their long-held dreams – such as upgrading their smile with a new set of teeth or simply buying a bigger and better TV – are finally within reach," Mr Eddy said.

Aussies are 'humble' winners

But helping others was at the top of the wish lists of most Powerball division one winners with many sharing their win with family.

"One clear trend among Powerball division one winners is wanting to help those who mattered the most to them, from family and friends to causes close to their heart," Mr Eddy said.

"One winner told us they surprised family members with cash in an empty chocolate box!"

Mr Hart said he's found Aussie winners to be more humble than those in the UK, for example, and try to be not as "showy".

"They just want to pay off the mortgage, set themselves up comfortably for life. They're not really into massive, flashy extravagance."

Powerball winners offer advice

Previous winners also revealed some words of wisdom.

"There’s three core tips: seek financial advice so you and your family enjoy the prize for generations to come, take your time to plan what you’d like to do, and, most importantly, savour the moment," Mr Eddy said.

Meanwhile, Australia's richest lottery winner — a Sydney mum and nurse who pocketed $107 million in 2019 — shared her own advice.

"If it’s possible and you can stand it, wake up the next morning and go to work," she told The Lott last year, two years on from her win.

"It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in. Then run, don’t walk, to a really good financial adviser."

Powerball numbers. Source: The Lott
About half of Australian adults are expected to enter the $160m Powerball jackpot. Source: The Lott

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