Australia's biggest Powerball winner reveals secrets as jackpot hits $160m

Winning a share of $160m in Thursday's Powerball would be life-changing, just ask Australia's richest lottery winner — a Sydney mum and nurse who pocketed $107 million in 2019.

To date, the woman — who still remains anonymous — has won the biggest jackpot prize on record so far, but that didn't make her give up work.

Revealing her lottery-winning secrets and advice for potential winners, the Sydney mum said it’s important to go about your daily life, at least "for the first few weeks" to "give yourself some time to think" after taking out a big win.

Powerball ticket win
The Sydney woman took out a $107 million Powerball win in 2019. Source: The Lott

"If it’s possible and you can stand it, wake up the next morning and go to work," she told The Lott last year, two years on from her win.

"It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in. Then run, don’t walk, to a really good financial adviser."

She revealed it takes about two weeks for your prize money to come through so use that time to plan your future.

Also, think carefully about who you tell about your whopping win. As for her, "only a handful of people know," she said.

And wait for the news to settle down before you tell a soul.

"I have a small group of very loyal friends. If this news affects relationships in a negative way, then it’s probably time for that relationship to end anyway, and that’s just natural," she said.

The few people she told were "all so thrilled" to be let in on her secret and "no one ever asked me for money," she said.

What changed after winning Powerball?

With a win that size you might consider giving up your job, but this Sydney nurse, who's in her 40s, carried on working.

She insists "nursing is something that is in my DNA" and said she could never give it up, her husband continues to work too.

"It doesn’t matter how much money I have, people need me to be me and that’s really important," she said implying she hasn't changed since her win.

The Sydney nurse bought a family home that will benefit her family for generations. But it's the smaller luxuries that matter most.

She's now able to treat herself to fresh flowers without feeling guilty and "I can buy a nicer bottle of wine now ... after celebrating with a cheap bottle of chardonnay," she said.

"I’ve never been one for ironing, I do now have someone who does the ironing for me and that’s been invaluable," she laughed.

"I’ll clean and cook, but I’m more than happy to never pick up an iron ever again."

$160m Powerball biggest jackpot on record

The country is gearing up for Thursday's massive jackpot with up to half of Australian adults expected to have an entry in the draw, The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said.

"While Australian lotteries have been operating for more than a century, there have only been nine draws that have offered a jackpot of $100 million or more, and this Thursday’s draw is the biggest of the lot," he said.

"If just one person takes home this $160 million prize on Thursday night, they’ll make history by becoming the nation’s biggest-ever individual lottery winner."

Powerball numbers balls
Thursday's Powerball jackpot has reached a record high with $160 million up for grabs. Source: The Lott

Mr Hart said The Lott spoke with the Sydney mum straight after her win in 2019, and hoped to speak with Thursday night's "new record holder" should there be a division one winner.

"If we have a division one winner on Thursday night, we’ll be wanting to let them know straight after the draw. They may not need to head into work on Friday, or ever again!"

If gambling is a problem for you, go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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