'Portal to hell': Man's mysterious find behind toilet

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A man has taken to Facebook to share how he discovered a hidden staircase above a toilet.

The man, from New Jersey, shared a post about the strange find in a Facebook group, Things Found In Walls – And Other Hidden Findings, and received more than 5000 comments from curious users dying to know where the stairs led to.

"Do they go to Narnia?" one person asked.

"Stairway to heaven?" another suggested.

Facebook photos showing a man's discovery of stairs above a toilet.
People were baffled by what could be up these stairs. Source: Facebook

The original poster returned to inform followers he worked in construction and had discovered the stairs in a public restroom, but hadn't ventured up there, which sparked even more reactions.

"That scares me a lot! What if someone grabs you from behind?" one person said.

"Can you imagine falling down those stairs while someone is using the toilet? What a bad day that would be!" another wrote.

A few people thought the secret hole could come in handy for those who indulged in panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic.

"That would make awesome toilet paper storage – extreme hoarding," a user wrote.

Others tried their best to unravel the mystery of how the stairs came to be.

"Could it be a convenient way to dump the chamber pot without carrying it through the house? No, wait. The stairs go UP and are well above the floor line. All I can say is don't get rid of them. Have fun with this oddity," one person wrote.

However the majority of people were just creeped out by the mysterious stairs.

"It's the portal to hell," one person added.

"For sure, that would scare me s**tless," another wrote.

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