Police's heartwarming selfie with suspected illegal immigrant

A suspected illegal immigrant has been snapped in a selfie with police in the UK who shared a bag of chips with him.

Leicestershire Road Policing Unit shared the picture on Twitter earlier this week.

“Male found on motorway suspected to be an illegal immigrant into the UK,” a tweet that accompanied the photo read.

“He’s not eaten for days and we’ve not eaten for hours, so we’ve all shared some fine English cuisine… a bag of chips!”

Police in the UK have snapped a selfie with a suspected illegal immigrant before feeding him chips. Source: Twitter/ Leicestershire Road Policing Unit (RPU)

The tweet has more than 6000 likes and 880 retweets with many praising police.

“This is really lovely to see. No matter what his situation is he is still a human and I love how you are treating him as one,” one woman tweeted. 

Another man simply tweeted, “Good on yer lads”, while another jokingly pointed out while the suspected illegal immigrant had not eaten for days the officers were still making him share food.

 But not everyone was thrilled with the photo. 

“Another virtue signalling tweet,” one man tweeted.

“Perhaps if you just focused on policing and catching the crims … that would be excellent.”