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Terrifying moment dogs launch at Aussie mum and baby: 'I couldn't help'

Terrifying CCTV footage shows the moment two dogs lunge for a baby strapped to his mum's chest as she desperately tries to keep him out of harm's way.

Nicole Filar was going for an afternoon walk in Doubleview, Perth on Monday with her eight-month-old son and their pet dog when the two dogs crossed the street towards them.

Ms Filar was carrying her son in a harness attached to the front of her body as she walked their labradoodle on a lead.

The mum and baby were going for a walk with their dog when two others attacked them. Source: Nine News
The mum and baby were going for a walk with their dog when two others attacked them. Source: Nine News

Video shared by Nine News shows the two dogs — reported to be a bull mastiff and a Staffordshire terrier — cross the street before launching an attack on the mum and baby.

One dog can be seen repeatedly jumping up to the baby's face as Ms Filar attempts to manoeuvre out of the way.

The other dog pounces on Ms Filar's dog, pinning it to the ground, as the mum desperately screams for help.

"They started circling us and then all of a sudden one of the dogs is jumping up at my son, who's in the carrier attached to me, and then the other dog has pinned my dog to the ground," the panicked mum told 9News.

"And I just started screaming for help and becoming hysterical because I couldn't help either of them."

At least three bystanders jumped in to help by getting between the dogs and Ms Filar.

One man can be seen repeatedly kicking the dog to try and get it off Ms Filar's labradoodle.

Ms Fila said it was a "horrendous" position to be in — to have to choose between saving her baby or her dog.

"It's obviously your child that you try and protect," she said.

While the eight-month-old did suffer a few scratches on his face, the pair walked away mostly unharmed.

Council investigating dog attack

City of Sterling council is reportedly looking into the matter and reviewing the CCTV footage. Yahoo News has contacted the council for comment.

Dog attacks in the City of Stirling can result in fines of up to $10,000, Nine reported, or $3000 if no physical injury is caused.

The owner of the dogs apologised for the attack. She said they "have not been trained properly", and they are not walked because she isn't able to take them.

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