Dog suffers horrific injuries during Sydney beach attack: 'Traumatising'

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A pet owner is traumatised after her dog was brutally attacked by a larger canine that had been let off the leash by its owner in Bronte on Monday night.

The black Schnauzer was "bleeding badly and crying a lot" after sustaining serious injuries when the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier allegedly "went for" the young pup and "wouldn't let go", a friend of hers has revealed.

The incident occurred on Bronte Beach promenade around 7:15 pm as witnesses watched on in horror. It took three people to help release the dog, it's been claimed.

The injured dog's owner allegedly hurt herself trying to protect her pet, which was on a leash.

 Black Schnauzer with wounds to body after the dog attack.
The black Schnauzer sustained horrific injuries after being attacked by an off-leash dog in Bonte. Source: Facebook

She is "bruised and has wounds on her face and hand", her friend said in a post to a local Facebook group.

Graphic images show the horrific injuries the dog sustained.

The pup was left in "bad condition" following the attack and needed urgent medical treatment at the vet.

The friend of the pet owner said the owner of the American Staffy, who allegedly fled the scene, also had a Rottweiler. Neither of the dogs were on leases, he claimed.

Waverley Council has been notified of the vicious dog attack and is now seeking to identify the man whose dogs were involved in the attack, a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"Waverley Council is appealing for information from anyone who may have witnessed a dog attack," a spokesperson said in a statement.

"The owner of the staffy left the scene and is yet to be identified. He is described as being around 198cm tall with a muscular/athletic build. His dog was reportedly wearing a collar with spikes.

"Rangers have spoken to the owner of the Schnauzer and investigations are ongoing."

Calls for owner to 'answer for' vicious attack

To some, American Staffies have long been considered a dangerous dog breed.

A string of attacks in recent years has led to calls for the breed to be banned in Australia.

But while some people online took aim at the "dangerous" breed of dog following the recent incident, others were quick to defend the animal, insisting the owner is at fault.

"The owner has more to answer for than the dogs, the way you treat a dog is the main attribute to the way a dog will turn out," one person commented.

Stock image of a Brown American Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog playing in grass.
Witnesses reported seeing a young American Staffordshire Bull Terrier cause injury to the black Schnauzer. Source: Getty

"Still amazing these amstaf and rotty owners let their dogs off-leash in public with their extensive history," another wrote.

"Horrible! These owners who think they understand dogs' temperaments are crazy. Leashed areas mean leashed especially if other dogs are around. I hope they catch him soon," a third said.

According to Waverley Council, dogs are permitted to be off-leash in Bronte Park Gully between the hours of 3pm and 10am only.

But dogs are not permitted on the beach, near the ocean pool, within 10 metres of the children's playground or near the BBQs.

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