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'Get inside!': Girls, 2 and 3, mauled in savage dog attack

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: Two toddlers have been filmed being attacked by a vicious dog in broad daylight.

Footage from CCTV in Birmingham, in England’s West Midlands, shows the two girls, aged 2 and 3, being relentlessly attacked by the dog on Monday.

In the highly distressing three-minute video, the girls scream as a dog runs at them while they are in the company of an adult.

One of the girls is knocked over as the dog mauls her. The adult tries to remove the dog as the other child watches on.

A dog attacks two toddlers on a Birmingham street.
Two children get attacked by a dog before people try to intervene but the mauling continues. Source: Facebook/ Mohammed Hussain

The attack continues and a BMW pulls over with another car stopped behind it. Three bystanders attempt to intervene and the dog’s attention moves elsewhere.

Someone picks up one of the girls and tries to kick the dog to ward it off. It runs away and a man yells at it to stop.

It comes back and runs off screen in the other direction.

“Everybody, get inside,” a woman yells.

The girls are taken in the BMW to safety.

The two young girls were later hospitalised. The three-year-old had arm and leg injuries while the young girl had leg injuries and scratches, The Sun reported.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson told the paper it’s believed the “guard dog” escaped a nearby business.

“The dog has been seized by police and enquiries are ongoing,” the spokesperson said.

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