Aussie man left for dead in Bali after being attacked by dogs

A Melbourne man is recovering in a Bali hospital after he was found unresponsive on the side of a road with multiple injuries.

Tey Evans, 35, was enjoying a surfing trip with his friends a month after getting engaged to his long-term partner Jessica Dennis, both 35, but a tragic accident left him fighting for his life.

"I’d gone back to work as a teacher. We’d just had our European holiday, and that’s where we got engaged. Things were looking amazing," Ms Dennis told Yahoo News Australia.

"He had a bit of time before work, I guess it’s been a tough few years, and then this happened."

Tey Evans at Bali hospital, BIMC in Nusa Dua with partner Jessica Dennis
Tey Evans, 35, was recently engaged to his partner Jessica Dennis when an accident in Bali left him fighting for his life in hospital. Source: Supplied

The accident happened on the morning of August 25, however, it was some time before anyone, including Ms Dennis, learned of what happened.

When Mr Evans woke from a coma two days later Ms Dennis received a phone call later that night, and jumped on a flight to Bali first thing the next day.

At first, details were unknown but it's believed Mr Evans was alone and riding a scooter through South Kuta when tragedy struck.

It's understood three stray dogs targeted him, causing him to dodge them and spin out, throwing him off the scooter and into a concrete slab.

The fall left him with multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen, a fractured elbow, vertebra and pelvis as well as a damaged kidney, all of which were causing severe internal bleeding.

Tragedy deepens as hospital runs out of blood

When he arrived at the hospital, doctors couldn't find a pulse, Ms Dennis revealed, and he was rushed into surgery right away.

But soon enough doctors realised there wasn't enough of his O-negative blood to make it through, meaning his chance of survival was slim.

"I got told it was a 60 per cent chance of him surviving. When they realised they didn’t have enough blood, that went down to 30," Ms Dennis told Yahoo News Australia.

"I didn’t know it was such a high chance he wasn’t going to make it, I had no idea and I don’t know if I'm grateful for that or not."

Doctor at BIMC hospital in Nusa Dua with Tey Evans (left), and Tey Evans with mum in hospital (right)
Tey Evans with a doctor in BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua, and right, with his mum. Source: Supplied

Balinese locals help save man's life

When she arrived at the BIMC hospital in Nusa Dua on Saturday, Ms Dennis learned her partner had survived an 11-hour surgery, but not without the help of Balinese locals who banded together to save his life.

On learning there was not enough blood, a friend of Mr Evans, Michael, who was in Bali with him, called on a local man he knew.

They managed to get "a bus full of locals and [they] tested everyone until they got the right blood type," Ms Dennis revealed.

They even called in doctors to open up a nearby hospital where they drew enough blood before it was transported to BIMC hospital ahead of Mr Evans' surgery.

"Bag by bag they ended up getting enough. It’s crazy how many people there are to thank for Tey being alive today. It’s incredible," Ms Dennis said.

Road to recovery: 'Doctors are blown away'

Mr Evans, is now out of ICU and in "really good care in general hospital". They will remain in Bali for at least a month until he is able to fly home.

The 35-year-old's family are relieved he's had no head injuries, thanks to the helmet he was wearing which was found nearby with "significant damage."

"Now I realise how lucky we really are. If he wasn’t wearing that helmet things would be a lot different," Ms Dennis said.

The 35-year-old is expected to make a full recovery and "doctors are blown away" by his progress.

"He got out of bed for the first time [last week], supported and assisted, but he took a few steps then had to get back into bed, but I think little by little we will get there," Ms Dennis said.

For now, the wedding they'd planned for February has been postponed to allow time for Mr Evans to recover.

"The focus can no longer be the wedding. It will happen but we’ve had to put that aside for now because the most important thing is his recovery," she said.

The family has started a GoFund Me page to help aid Mr Evans' recovery and have so far raised half their target amount of $80,000.

"We have started this Go Fund Me campaign to try and ease the huge financial burden that his medical and future rehabilitation expenses are going to cause him and his family," they wrote.

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